10 Tips of Google Adsense

Every blogger wants to earn a handsome amount via Google adsense. It is possible but always keep in mind that Google is a well organized company and they very powerful system. You must follow their instruction and policy. Best way is to read about Google adsense policy before starting, it will make your mind that how to do? According to my experience I am sharing some do’s and don’ts related earn money via Google adsense. Follow these instructions and earn handsome money via google adsense.

10 Tips of Google Adsense

1- Do not click your own ads while you are working on your website / blog or just you are viewing it.

2- Share you website link into social media like facebook, twitter, linkedin, tumblr etc. It will socialized you website gradually.

3- Join any popular forum and share views and answer the questions. The people will know about your blog or website.

4- Placing of Google ads are also very important, place adsense ads in way which gives your website / blog a decent look.

5- Always try to write unique article or post.

6- Check grammar of your article or post, It should be accurate.

7- When you create your ad unit from adsense account, make it similar color of your website or blog, It will help you to increase your revenue.

8- Try to write daily one post / article or more.

9- Google optimize website / blog from keywords, write key words related to your topic.

10- Make sure no more than three ads on single page, this is Google policy.


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