Adding music in your Own Video

In my last tutorial I have explain how to create your own video and upload it into youtube for increase revenue. During video creation You should add some music to your video. Which will give you good response, without music the video will not be attractive. Some of our subscribers asked  that how should we add music into video. There are numerous question they asked related to adding music in video. First off all  keep in mind that do not download any video from free website, which can caught by youtube. Therefore, If you are working on youtube channel and want your video to monetize and earn revenue then be careful with copyright infringement.

Adding music in your Own Video

Just go to “royalty free music” , this is youtube channel where you can find numerous royalty free music. Just download from here and add into your video.

Create your video as I written in my previous post. While you are creating your own video in “windows Live movie maker”, after creating just go to “Add Videos and Photo”  from top menu. Select your music file which you have downloaded from “royalty free music“, click open and then save project.

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