Benefits of Google Apps For Small Business

If you are using private domain, and you have multiple email accounts related to this domain. Each email account is configured in MS outlook express, and send daily multiple emails internally into your organization, send email to keep update to others  person into organization. For small things you send email and make a call. These are basic scenario of any organization. Multiple email to each other into the organization and make multiple call to each other. Such as circulate memos, notices, material requests from one location to other and etc. off course you are doing all these things very well using MS outlook and telephone calls. But isn’t is excellent if you get all these facilities with some more facilities like word document preparation, excel sheet, chatting, video conferencing and voice communication. aren’t these very helpful and very cool stuff for any small business.  Lets have a look:

Benefits of Google Apps For Small Business

What is Google Apps for Small Business?

Google Apps for Business is a powerful suite of online tools that can give your users the ability to work collaboratively from anywhere at anytime. It includes web-based email, calendar, documents, storage and more. See my previouse article how to register for Google apps for Business

Features of Google small business applications

Benefits of Google Apps For Small Business

Benefits of Google Apps For Small Business

How Google apps are beneficial for us.

1-    All private email accounts can be transferred into Google account.

2-    Free 30 GB of Google drive space.

3-    Facility of Excel Sheet, PowerPoint presentation, word documents.

4-    All Google drive documents can be shared among all person into the organization (Allowed by Admin).

5-    Video conferencing

6-    Live support with chatting and voice.

7-    You can access email from anywhere in the world.

9-    You can access all word documents, PowerPoint files, and excel sheet from anywhere in the world.

10-   We can upload / download word, excel, and PowerPoint file into desktop.

11-   Admin panel will control all user’s  activities.


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