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What are responsive themes?

There are lots of themes available on internet, in past few year there were no concept of responsive themes. At that time the normal practice was develop theme using some tool like adobe dream viewer, Microsoft frontend. Developer write CSS, HTML, with these combination themes comes in shape, more over they use adobe photo shop for graphic designing. At that time the “responsive” terminology ¬†were not in market. Therefore question is still there. What are responsive themes? let me explain. In new technology world there are multiple screen are using to browse website or you can say. there are multiple devices available for using internet. like mobile, tablet, different sizes of desktop screen and laptop screens. When usage of these device increased for internet browsing then developers introduced responsive design. The responsive design is automatically adjust according to the screen size. suppose I some browse on mobile device the all content, images and layout will fit with the same mobile screen size similarly, if someone on ¬†browse tablet pc the all content and images and layout will fit with same tablet screen. means a single design for all screen sizes.

Premium Themes

Therefore , what do you prefer, will you go for new technology or the old? off course if you want more visitors and excellent SEO performance then you go for premium responsive themes. If I briefly define premium themes, I can say that I have personally experienced that the premium themes are useful for those who wish to earn money online. Do not go for free themes if you serious to earn money online.

Buy Now Best Responsive theme for WordPress

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