Choose and Install theme for your WordPress Blog

WordPress is a awesome platform to create your blog or website. WordPress specially develop for users who wants to create their website or blog. It is very easy to operate and gives complete solution for develop and design your blog or website. There are numerous options available which takes you to your target operations. It is a CMS (Content Management System) which is not very difficult to use. It is very easy to understand and very much user friendly. Lets start from the theme option. I assumed that you have already installed WordPress. When log in into WordPress you will see the list of menu on left side. Among the list of these menu locate “Appearance” option. When you click on it, the sub menu will open among the list of sub-menu you will find “theme” option. Here you can find multiple FREE or paid themes for your blog or website. This the wordpress market place.

Choose and Install theme for your WordPress Blog

1- Install Theme from WordPress Market place. You can install FREE WordPress theme from this area or you can also buy premium theme. All you need to do is, choose the theme which you like and appropriate for your blog or website. You can take a tour by using preview option, which can help you to choose a perfect theme as per your requirement.

2- Also there is another option for you to Buy WordPress theme from third party website and install in WordPress. If you budget is low and you want theme with full options and full functionality. In other word you want premium theme on cheapest price. For this you can Buy theme from my theme shop. Where you can view live demo of each website or you can go to my post where I have written reviews of some premium themes, which will help you to take decision. Click here to view the my post Best Responsive theme for WordPress 

This guide will help you to install premium theme which you have bought from third party website. It is quiet easy to install your own premium theme in WordPress. I also recommend to use premium theme. There are many sites available on internet they are selling WordPress premium themes. I will show you how you can easily install WordPress premium theme.

Buy WordPress theme from third party website and install in WordPress:

If you have searched a lot for best theme seller and confused that from where to buy the best and affordable theme. Here you can buy light weighted, SEO support, beautiful design, and with numerous option available. Go to my theme shop website and select your desired theme. I am sure you will not be disappointed here.

1- If you have installed WordPress, then log in to your WordPress account for example “”. wp is the directory where you have installed WordPress.

2- If you haven’t installed WordPress then click here to see how to install WordPress.

Choose and Install theme for your WordPress Blog?

3- Click “Appearance” option on left side of the screen. After clicking on appearance you will get new window.

Choose and Install theme for your WordPress Blog?


4- Click on the “Install Themes” tab.You will the new window.

Choose and Install theme for your WordPress Blog?


5- Click on the “upload” option and select the theme which you have downloaded.

6- Finally click on the install button. It will take some time to install theme depends on the theme size.

7- When you get message “successfully installed” then activate it and go to your browser and type “

8- You have done.

Install Theme from WordPress Market place:

There are numerous themes available in WordPress market place.

1- Log in into your WordPress admin account,  choose Appearance from left side menu.

2- You will find many themes available in WordPress market place.

3- On top You will see your active theme. If you have just installed WordPress the default theme “twenty twelve” will be activate.

4- Scroll down see available them for your choice,  just click on you desired theme and click on activate. The theme will be replaced with new theme.

5- After activation go to you browser and type your domain name and see the new theme has installed. You can check multiple theme according to your requirement. Select theme and activate new. Check one by one.

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