Configure dual email delivery with your private domain

What is Google Apps for Business

First you need to know what is Google apps for business, Google apps is a service off course provided by Google where you can avail Google basic services as well as premium services, such as some basic services like gmail, Google drive, chatting, Google plus, YouTube account etc. Also you can buy more products available in marketplace there are many products are available free. But a question can raise in you mind that the all the above mentioned services are already available for free then what is Google apps for business and what is this article for. The main and core feature of this service is that you can host you business email account into gmail and avail all facility of premium account and there are numerous service and apps which are not available in free gmail account you can get all. for detail read Host your domain in Gmail.

Google apps of business is really excellent service. If you have configured everything as per your initial requirement, but if you want host 2 emails accounts into gmail server not all. How can you do it? If you host your new domain(email account) into gmail server there is no matter, but I am talking about the running system of any organization or small business. Or your personal email which you are already using in outlook since  1 or 2 years.

Lets take an example: there are multiple email accounts running in your private domain, like,,,, and so on. you want to host 2 email accounts into gmail server like, And the other email accounts will be remaining on same server. But the issue is that if you will not configure your 2 domain carefully into gmails server or you miss anything from their requirement then the other email account will not receive email. Because when you host your domain into gmail server you must remove your existing MX (Mail Exchange) entries from your private domain server and enter google’s MX (Mail Exchange) entries into your private domain. Due to this reason the route of your emails become change. If someone send an email to or, or on that email account which is not hosted into gmail, that email will bounced back, because that email will found the route of gmail server and that account is not hosted into Gmail server, so the email will bounced back to sender.

Configure dual email delivery with your private domain

Suppose you have purchased Google apps service for 2 email accounts, but there are some more (for example 10 more) email accounts are running in your company, which you are using on same domain name server (private Means you want to host only 2 email accounts in google apss (gmail) out of 12. You want to use both servers (your private hosting server and gmail apps server) for your emails. When you change MX (Mail Exchange) entries from your hosting server, the other email accounts do not send and receive emails.

How can you send and receive for both which are hosted in google apps (Gmail) and which are not hosted in Google apps (Gmail).

Steps to configure dual email delivery

1- Log in into your admin console.

2- From the dashboard go to Google apps > Gmail > User setting.

Configure dual email delivery with your private domain

3- Scroll down to locate email routing section.

4- Click on Add another destination.

5- In the destination box type your legacy mail server address or server IP address, which you can get from your hosting provider.

6- Select “All Accounts” from “Delivery email for” option. With this legacy server address you will get your emails to you private server also.

6- Click on “Save change”.

Now you can test you will receive email on both servers or not.

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