Configure Godaddy Email Account in MS Outlook

Godaddy is one of the leading hosting provider. You can say Godaddy is the #1 hosting provider in the internet world. This tutorial is related to Godaddy, if you have Godadday hosting server for your website or blog, and your want to setup your emails into MS Outlook. Normally it is quiet easy to configure email account into MS outlook. If you have hostgator hosting server then you can easily configure as I have mentioned in my previous tutorial. Read here, But in Godaddy it is little bit different, for this reason people confuse that how to configure Godaddy email account in MS outlook.

How to configure Godaddy email Account in MS outlook?

1- Open MS Outlook, go to account setting then click on New.

2- Click ” Microsoft Exchange Pop3, IMAP, or HTTP”. then click next.

3-  Write your details, Like email id ( and password.

4- Click check box below ” Manual configure server setting or additional server type”.

5- Then select “Microsoft Exchange Pop3, IMAP, or HTTP” and click on next.

6- Write the server information, (Account type ¬†“pop3“, incoming mail server ““, outgoing mail server ““).

7. Then write the log on information, the log on information will be your email ID and password.

Configure Godaddy Email Account in MS Outlook

8- Click on “More Setting“, then click “Out going server ” tab and then click on check box “My outgoing (SMTP) required authentication”.

Configure Godaddy Email Account in MS Outlook

9- Then go to advance tab and type server port number (incoming server (Pop) “995” and outgoing server (SMTP) “465“. Click on the check box “This Server Required Encrypted Connection SSL” and select “SSL” from the drop down. Finally click OK and “Test Account Setting”.

Configure Godaddy Email Account in MS Outlook

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