Create QR code for your own website

What is QR Code?

QR is an abbreviation of quick response, So QR code is quick response code. It was invented in 1994 by Denso Wave. It invented for automobile industries to track auto mobile parts during manufacturing. It is a short code, which store all relevant data in it. When scan this code, it display the relevant information.

Create QR code for your own website

QR Code

Modern Use:

Modernly, it uses to storing website information in a code. Through scanning the QR code display the website. Latest websites are using this code for quick website access for users. There are many industries are suing this code for their user to get quick access the website. Specially the product manufactures uses this QR code on the product packing for easily access the website through smart phone. Magazines, newspaper, visiting cards etc shows QR code to display website.

How to Create QR code for your own website?

Now a day everyone using smart phone, QR code I basically access via smart phone. In Google playstore many QR code scanner available, which is use to scan these code to get quick response for a particular website. This act for the user who want to access website via QR code.

Creating a QR code

Create QR code for your own website is very easy, also it is available for FREE. Go to Google search and search QR code generator, you will find many result to creating QR code. QR code generator is one of them, which is tested.  Go to the link and type your details and create your own QR code. Save QR code file into your desktop in .png format. After that open it in window photo viewer, keep it open on screen.

Next, open your adriod phone, download and install QR code scanner (Bar code Scanner). Open the software and scan your code from your laptop screen. The stored information will display on your smart phone.

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