How to Create Video using Windows Live Movie Maker?

This tutorial will help you to create your own videos. If you are thinking that how can you make your own video and upload into youtube. Yes you are on the write place. I will tell you to make video and upload it into youtube and earn revenue. There are many software you can see in Google search. But you will get the software for video editing just for trial version, after that you have to pay for full version and trial version are not with full functionalists. Therefore go for windows live video maker it free and easy.

How to?

Open windows Live movie maker add some images. After adding images go to “Animation” option from the menu, you will see many effect, what you like apply on your image, even you can apply different effects on each image. Again go to “Home” option from top menu and select title. Make sure that your cursor should on right place where you want to add title. Title always be on the start so keep your cursor on start. How to Create Video using Windows Live Movie Maker?

Also add some conclusion text at the end of video. Like “Thank for watching video”. It is up to you how to make effective video there are numerous option to make it effective, some of them is shown in this tutorial. Also you can set duration effect and the page. Now come to uploading part, there are some options you will see on right side on top in “Home” menu option, youtube, flikr, skydrive and facebook. you may select option from here or go to file menu and select “publish movie” and select “youtube”. it will ask you for resolution of video, choose recommended 960 x 720. then It will ask you for Hotmail or MSN id and password. Just enter you hotmail or msn emai id and password and then enter your you tube channel ID and password. ¬†after that it will start publishing your video into you tube.

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