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Blogging is very common in internet field. The blogging is the way of transfer your thought to other. In other word blogging is the way of share your personal experiences and happenings to other. To express your thought and experience in a written form to other in a way that will help others it called blogging. Blogging need a platform to share thought and experience to others where people can read and take advantage. Those people who cannot reach to you but they can read you and get advantage with the help of blogging.

The internet is the best way to express yourself and share your experiences with other. The next question comes in mind how? Through blogging you can do it. Google provides blogging FREE facility, the easiest way of expressing yourself or sharing your experiences and thoughts to other is web. Create a a blog and write all what you think and what you have experienced in you professional life or in personal life. Blogging does not restrict you, you can create blog what ever you think and having experience. You can create blog for business, technology, recipes, tips and tricks, vehicle reviews and features, health and fitness, and there are so many topics available, but it depends in which you are the best and expert.

Through google it is very easy to create you own blog FREE. You can create your own blog very easily and manage it. It is free service by Google. You just need a Gmail account. If you already have Gmail account then follow the steps below and start blogging today. If you don’t have gmail account then first create a Gmail account.

Step by Step:

1- Just go

2- Log in with your gmail account. You will see the blogger platform.Create Your Own Blog Free

3- On left hand side you will see new blog button. Click on it.

Create Your Own Blog Free

4- You will see a new window.

5- Write your blogger’s Title what you wish and what URL you want to give your blog. for example: your URL will “”

6- There multiple templates option available, select one you like and click “create blog”. You may change your template .

Create Your Own Blog Free

You have successfully created your Free blog. Now you can start blogging. Next I will tell how to Post?

It is not finished here, you can also earn through your blog. This is wondering that you can earn money beside writing article in your blog. The articles are the post what I have mentioned above, your experiences, knowledge and your thought etc. After creating your blog and you observe that people are visiting your blog and your blog is famous now. You can apply for adsense account for FREE. The adsense is also a google’s service, earn money by placing ads on your blog and get paid. Google pay for money when click on the ads.

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