Design a Good and Attractive Website for your Business Step by Step

Now a days it very easy to developed website / blog.  But in past few years it was very difficult to design and develop a website / blog. There were some specialties should have been in a person then he can develop a blog or website. Such as need programming concept, HTML concept, database concept graphics designing concepts etc. These are the essential expertise  must be required for any person who want to develop and design website / blog. But today scenario has been changed if you are book seller and want a website which represent your services. It is very easy for you.  What you can do? You can design a online product catalog, insert attractive slider on header, left or right side bar, widget, footer, change colors, change background color or image etc there are so many easily controllable feature will be available, but question is how? In this article I will guide you how to design a good and attractive website for your business step by step. And you will see that how it is easy that anyone can do by himself.

Buy domain

The first step is to choose your domain name that what name do you can choose name related to your company name or full company name. but it is depend that is your desire name is available or not. If someone has already taken then you need to choose another one. But keep in mind your domain name must be related to your company name or  business category, such as if you are a trader choose domain related trading, if you want to start a new blog like food blog then it will be very good if the the domain name is related to food category. Here you can choose your domain name. Choose domain name

The domain registration charges are $12.95 / yr. register it today. Without domain name you won’t be able to start.

Buy Hosting

What is hosting? The hosting is the server space for your storage, where you will maintain your all file and folders related to you website. the best and affordable hosting plan which I am personally using is hostgator. I bought my domain and hosting in 2010. I never felt regret. Since that time I did not change my hosting plan and even I never felt to change or transfer to another server. Go the link here and buy hosting now. you are reach to very near to your website. select your best and affordable hosting plan. Hostgator is offering 20% off. Use the following coupon code and get 25% discount on any plan and $9.94 for special discount.

Design a Good and Attractive Website for your Business Step by StepMore Read about coupon code

Install WordPress

The next step is to install a WordPress into your hosting server. you will be able to install WordPress  when you get your user name and password from hostgator. You all need to do is to go to WordPress website and download the latest version of WordPress. For installation see the link below.

How to Install WordPress?

Choose best theme

The last and final step is to choose the theme as per your business requirement. This is very important phase. You must know that what you want on your website on the basis of that you can choose the theme. Like plan your website header, sidebars, and footer that what you want on these area. For this phase to choose theme for your website go to mythemeshop. Here you can get many types of themes with multiple features and get support 24 / 7. In mythemeshope you will get affordable theme with best and attractive features.

See here some themes with demo:

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