Earn Money Online Via Blogspot

Earn money online, work at home, online business, internet business, etc there are so many names, what name you like you can call it. I say earn money online. There are so many website provide for earning money online. I am online talking about Google adsense. Google adsense in most powerful and reliable way of earning online.

In my previous post I had discussed about, how to create blog in blogger.com. in this post I will discuss that how to insert Google adsense ads into your blog.

how to:

1- First log in into your blogger’s account. Click here. Enter your gmail user name and password.

2- Click on the button showing below and then select “Layout”

Earn Money Online Via Blogspot

3- You will see your whole blog’s layout, here you can add multiple gadgets, there are dozen of built in gadgets available. You can mange your layout here by just drag and drop effort.  There are four parts of you blog’s layout. Header, footer, right side bar, and post area. I will show you adsense into right side bar longitudinally. Click on “Add a Gadget”

Earn Money Online Via Blogspot

4- Scroll down and search “adsense” option, click on it.

Earn Money Online Via Blogspot

5- Select ad size “160 x 600 skyscraper”. also choose color as per your blog then click “Save” button.

Earn Money Online Via Blogspot

6- Adsense ad will be displayed in few minutes on your right side of your blog.


You have successfully done, via same method you place adsense ads any where into your blog. There are ad’s sizes available for ads, choose best according to your blog layout and also match your adsense ad color exactly with your blogs color. It will give good adsense response.



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