Host your domain in Gmail

Hosting your private email account with Gmail is an excellent service by Google. Normally people use outlook for their email messaging and for store email data. Outlook is itself good email messaging software, outlook stores email data in local hard disk which you can use offline also and it install in your desktop with many other feature. But why I like host private email in gmail? Because I can use all gmail features with my private email with outlook compatibility. Means you have already configure your private email in outlook which you can sync with gmail server. Gmail allow to host private domain in its server with very low price. If you compare the service and feature of gmail, I can say it is FREE service. When you host your domain in gmail server, your email address will be “”. isn’t it a awesome service.


Can you get all features in this private email hosting into gmail? Yes 100% all services and features you can use by this private email hosting service. There are few features are listed:

  • Chatting
  • Google Drive 15 GB Free Space
  • Online document management and sharing
  • YouTube
  • Blogging
  • My Business
  • Translate
  • Powerful Admin console
  • Google apps market place
  • and many more….

For Small or Medium Business

Private email hosting into gmail is great for small or medium size organization. You can host all your company’s email account into gmail, there is no limit. even you can host multiple domain also. Google gives powerful admin console where you can manage all you user’s account and their priviliges. Each user account get all above mentioned features.

Outlook Compatibility

If you have already using outlook for your private email and you have a huge data of email. No worry you can migrate all of of your emails into gmail server.

You can access your email while your are travelling, If you forgot your laptop or you do not want to carry you laptop. your private email account is online, you can access anytime everywhere in the world, it gives you freedom to work anywhere.

You all need to do is, just fill up the Google apps  form and start using gmail with your private email account today.
There are many feature as mentioned above, once you signed up you can start immediately with very low cost. Start managing multiple email account with powerful admin console.

Host your domain in Gmail:

  • Just sign up here for Google App
  • Fill up the form and start it now.

Host your domain in Gmail

What you need:

  • You should have your private email, such as “”
  • You should have credential of your hosting panel. (User id and password of your hosting panel)

Enjoy your small or medium size business with Google Apps. Really you will find excellent features what you expect with Google.

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