How to Find Google adsense Ads URL

Before going to the main topic, I tell your some facts. Related to this topic first question raised in mind that why I need to find the Google Adsense ad URL? let me tell you. Google allow publishers to block unwanted ads on publisher’s site. If you running a blog / website and you have placed Google adsense ads on it. When you review your blog you see the ads which not related to your content even not related to your blog niche. So what to do? You should block those ads. Because it is harmful for your blog, harmful in the sense, it effect on your revenue. For instance, If some searches web hosting on Google search engine and  found your blog and visit it, and your blog showing dating ads, what you can do? There is only way that block unwanted ads on your blog / website, otherwise you will decrease your adsense earning just because of unwanted ads.

The other reason, If you sales product  from affiliate program, beside this you have Google adsense publisher account, and you have places adsense ads on your blog / website, then most probably that Google display the same affiliate ads on the same page where you have written a content for affiliate sale, for this reason you can lose your affiliate sale, because your visitor can click on Google ads while you have written a good content to increase your affiliate sale. For Example:  If you have a affiliate account of host gator and the HostGator is also place their ads on Google ad-words then it will be a clash. Google have millions of customers who use ad-words for placing their ads on Google, Google don’t consider to identify that which ads should be place or not according to your affiliate sale. Google have different approach and algorithm according to their policies. Therefore, due to the above both reasons you need to block ads which you do not want on your blog.

How to block specific ads using Google ad-sense account?

It is quite simple and easy steps:

1- Just log in to your ad-sense publisher account, click on “Allow and Block Ads”,

How to Find Google Ad-sense Ads URL

2- Click on the first TAB “Advertiser URLs”. Enter the URL which you want to block and press “Block URLs” Button.

You can enter multiple URLs, the ads will not display anymore on your blog which related to blocked URLs.

How can you find URL while ad is running on your blog?

As every adsense publisher know that click on your own blog’s ad is count fraud. So, always be careful should not click on your ads which is running onto your blog / website. According to the Google policy your account can be terminated if you click on your own blog’s ads.

Google provide 3 types of ads to runs on website:

1- Text Ads only

2- Text and Display Ads

3- Display ads only

On text ads only, you can see the URL and easily block the ads by writing the URLs on the “Allow & Block Ads” area as show above. The matter is how can you find URL from the “Display ads”, which display the images only.

1- Open your blog / website in Firefox, this method will not work on any other browser, chrome and internet explorer has different method to find URL. I will tell you how you can find URL using Firefox.

2- If see you unwanted ads, just right click on it. you will se the drop down menu.

3- Select copy link URL. and paste into any text editor. you can see the URL in the text editor.

4- Go to “Allow & Block Ads” and Paste it into text box”. You have done you will not see those ads anymore, you will more different ads will runs on your blog / website

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