How to get Google adsense Account

Google ad-sense is the best and authentic way of online earning. Many people are willing to earn money via internet. They know about earning but do not know how to? In this article I will tell you what are the basics of online earning via Google ad-sense.

If you already have a website or blog and on your blog or website enough visitors on daily basis. Means you have good website where you are facilitating people and they visit your website / blog on daily basis and also your visitors are increasing gradually. If so you can apply for Google ad-sense publisher account.  If you do not have website / blog you have to create a website / blog. After creating website or blog do struggle to increase visitors on your blog / website. so that you will be able to apply for Google ad-sense.

Planning for Domain

For the creating blog / website, you must buy a domain name for your blog / website. Like Do not go for free domain. Google will only approve ad-sense account for main domain. What are free domain? Free domains are sub domain of main domain. Like The BlogSpot is the main domain and “example” is the sub domain. So, buy good and attractive domain what you like according to your niche.

Planning Hosting 

The second part is hosting, where you will host your website / blog. Again I will recommend you when you are interesting to get approval from Google ad-sense account then do not go for free hosting account. There are multiple hosting providers are available online they offers good and cheap hosting packages. After getting hosting plan install WordPress. See How to Install WordPress

Planning for Website Theme

The third part is the main part that how you create a website / blog? Now a days it is not very difficult for any person to develop a website. If you are not a web designer no worry about that, It is not difficult to develop a website / blog. No need to learn that how to develop website / blog. Because your main aim is to earning from your blog / website. So concentrate on your main goal do not be worry about designing and development of website / blog. There are multiple website providing ready-made themes for blog / website. Think about your niche that what you want to do on your blog / website and buy theme. In the initial stage where every think about to spending money. How much I have spend? In this regards I will recommend my friends and subscriber that if you really want to earn money from internet then you must spend money. Do not worry you do not have to spend a lot of money on this. This is a small business and this business need some small amount to spend.

List of Themes which you can buy now, See Demo

This is the total investment for your blog / website. Is this a huge investment? I think it is not a big deal for anyone.

So, do follow the above instruction and apply for the Google ad-sense account when got some visitors traffic on your blog / website. If your niche is attractive hardly in a month you will get much traffic on your blog which will help you to apply and get approval from for Google ad-sense account.

Note: If you buy from my blog I will get commission.

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