How to Increase Traffic on your Youtube Videos

This is the basic phenomena in internet world that more traffic gives you more popularity. similarly more traffic will give handsome earning. Therefore, you should have good traffic on your you tube channel for good earning.  How you can increase traffic on you video.  There are few point should concentrate on it.

1- Video Content

You should have excellent content. Use your expertise and try to convert into video. Such as If you are expert in MS word, make online tutorials videos, can make your project videos, can make your family videos. Videos can be in any topic. Science, health care, medical, recipes, about your vehicle, riding etc there are so many option available. Whatever your expertise are, convert your expertise into videos. Similarly if you are a good comedy, make your own video using high mega pixel camera.

2- Subscribe Others

After uploading videos, go to and search videos related to your topic and subscribe them. More you subscribe more you get traffic. Also you will get idea about how the other channels are making videos.

3- Get Subscribers

After monetize your video,  go to video manager and click on edit button. You will see annotation tab on top click on it. Insert annotation like “Subscribe here”. When someone watch your video the subscription button will appear on your video to remind viewer for subscription. This will give you good subscription onto you video. This subscription is for your channel not for video. so when you upload any new video youtube will automatically send the new video to your subscribers. Therefore, Inserting annotation will give you good traffic on your channel.

How to Increase Traffic on your Youtube Videos?

4- How to insert annotation?

After click on annotation, click on “Add annotation”, select “Speech Bubble”, After selecting speech bubble the speech bubble will appear on your video. Write “Subscribe here” into the text box below. you can write what do you like.

How to Increase Traffic on your Youtube Videos?

5- Set Speech Bubble Time

After inserting the annotation, you will see the video time line on the bottom of the video. Set the speech bubble’s time which you have already inserted “Subscribe here” into the last quarter. Do not set speech bubble into full video. You can set by inserting start time and end time.

How to Increase Traffic on your Youtube Videos?

6- Insert your Channel Link

After setting up the annotation time, click on the link check box on bottom right of the screen, the new combo box will appear. Click on the combo box and Select “Subscribe” the new text box will appear. Insert you channel name into the text box. When someone view your video and click on “Subscribe” button on the video it will take viewer to your channel.

Hope you will enjoy this article.

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