How to index your website in Google search

Google search engine searches website on behalf of indexes, Google indexes all websites with the help of their algorithm and crawling bots. What they do, Google’s crawlers crawl new website and make it visible for  search engine. So that anyone search a topic, it visible in the search list, if it is related to the search content. Therefore, any website must be indexed in Google, to be able to visible in search engine. If you create a website or blog you need to submit your blog or website to tell Google that make it searchable in search engine. How to index your website in Google search engine. It is not a difficult task but it is most important. It is important for page ranking as well for increasing page views.

How to submit your website in Google search?

The following are very easy simple step to do so. Go to and search “submit url to Google”, or click here “Submit URL into Google”. Click on the first option “Add your URL”. Read the instruction line and fill up the small form and click submit request. After submitting Google will give you message that your request has been submitted.

How to index your website in Google search?

The task is not finished here, you have to do some more. Configure your site in Google webmaster tool. Google webmaster is a Google’s product, which helps website owner to make their site properly index and monitor.  Click here to go to Google web master tool, for accessing this tool you must have Gmail account. if you do not have Gmail account, first create Gmail account here. After that click here to go to Google webmaster tool.

1- Click on “Add your Site”

How to index your website in Google search?

2- Enter your URL, like “” and press continue.

3- Your website will start processing for crawling by Google crawlers. Once Process will finished, it will show the results on dashboard. You can add more than one website. Be patients it can take more time, it the website size is big, it can take one day.

4- It’s not over, locate your site in Google webmaster tool’s home page and click on it. If it is still crawling then leave it for one day or check again after few hours.

5-  Sitemap: The site map is an xml file which will locate in your hosting root folder. The file name will be “sitemap.xml”. This file keep all the url of your site and allow search engine to crawl easily. if you do not have sitemap.xml then create a file in root folder with same name and extension. Click on “Sitemap” in Google webmaster tool and write the file name “sitemap.xml”. If you are WordPress user, use plugin “xml-sitemap” . It will automatically create “sitemap.xml” and notify you the indexing activity.

Most people think that, after the processing of add url into Google webmaster tool, it will take a month to stable and visible into search engine. But it will take only 2-3 days. It recommend that do the above process and leave it for 2-3 days, it will show you the results on dashboard of Google webmaster tool. Keep continue watching your site in Google webmaster tool for your best results in search.

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