how to transfer domain to another registrar

Transfer domain to another registrar is not very difficult but required some special attention while transferring domain to another registrar. Registrar keep secure domain and apply some security layer to secure domain for domain owner. These security layers are very strong. These security layers secure from illegal transfer, secure from hacker and secure from cyber attack.

Transfer domain to another registrar

Registrar applies 3 layers on domain for domain security. These 3 layers secure domain strongly.  Let’s start to see what are these 3 layers are. It is highly recommended to understand what are these 3 layer before transferring domain to another registrar. After understanding these 3 layers you will be able transfer your domain to any registrar. I am sure you will transfer your domain individually after reading this article.

  • EPP code (Authorization code)
  • Lock Domain
  • Final confirmation from domain owner

EPP code (authorization code)

EPP code is an authorization code, which is an encrypted unique code secured by registrar. It is consist of some numbers, alphabets and special characters. Upon request registrar release that code to the registered email id. Therefore before start transfer domain to another registrar check the register email is id accessible or active. If the email id is accessible by your reseller you need to contact to them and ask them to send authorization code to you for initiate domain transfer process. You can check register email id from here from whois or

LOCK domain

This is another security layer from registrar. It is clear from the name “Lock domain” that the domain is locked by registrar and it is secure with illegal transfer. No one can transfer the locked domain to any other registrar. Therefore with this security layer your domain is under registrar custody. Before initiate transfer process you must need to unlock domain. Let have an example to understand how to unlock domain in godaddy server.


  • Login into your account manager
  • Click on manage next to domain name which you want to transfer
  • Scroll down and see the lock column and click on edit.
  • Click “OFF” and then save

Now your domain is unlock and ready to transfer. It is recommended that do not unlock domain if you want to transfer domain after 2 or 3 days. When you have received EPP code (authorization code) and email id is confirmed then start transfer process.

Final Confirmation from domain owner

When you done all the domain transfer process, means you have submitted request to another registrar for domain transfer, the registrar will send email confirmation that either this transfer is from genuine owner or not. You just need to confirm from the given link in email.

You need to be patient after submitting request for domain transfer it will take 4-5 days. Sometime process they take longer then given time.

how to transfer domain to another registrar

Finally if you are transferring domain to hostgator just submit the request from here, they will take you to throughout the process. Transfer domain to hostgator

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