Improve Typography While Posting in WordPress

Today’s tutorial is about “Improve Typography” while Posting in WordPress”. Many of our subscribers facing problem of text alignment, font re-sizing, placing buttons in blog post, layout etc. This is true if you are using default text editor in WordPress, you will face these type of problems. This is actually not bug in WordPress. WordPress is open source platform for designing website and blog. Also WordPress welcome to those who are wiling to participate in development for WordPress. For more about WordPress detail see previous tutorial “What is WordPress?“.  There are many third parties are joined with WordPress, What they do? they just develop plugin for WordPress and allow WordPress users to install in their blog / website. The plugins are the scripts which can easily embed with WordPress.

What to do?

Similarly, there is a plugin for improve typography while you are writing your article in WordPress or inserting content in a new page. You all need to install a plugin for making your post or article attractive. This plugin allows text formatting, text coloring, background coloring, foreground coloring, inserting buttons etc. How you can do?

Improve Typography While Posting in WordPress

How to?

1-  Install plugin “Ultimate Tinymce “. you can download directly from website here and upload it. Or Install directly from WordPress plugins option.

2-  If your are installing from WordPress plugin option, just activate plugin.

3- Go to “Ultimate Tinymce” option from left side menu in WordPress, after activation you will see there.

4- The new page will open, you will the list option options, which you can allow to insert into your post and page editor.

5- Click one by one what you want to insert into your post / page tool bar. You can set those row wise. Which will be easily view-able in tool bar.

6-  After that go to you post / page editor you will some new tools ahs been added.


Enjoy WordPress blog or website using “Ultimate Tinymce” plugin.


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