You Know You Can Earn Money From Youtube Videos

Do you know that you can earn money from YouTube videos? Yes it is true. YouTube allow user to upload their videos and get paid. What you all need to do? create YouTube channel and start uploading videos and get paid. isn’t it very simple way of earning. Lets starts, how can you create YouTube channel and upload videos.

1- Log in into you gmail account, if you do not have your gmail account them create from here.

2- To create your YouTube channel click here. and follow the instructions

2- After creating YouTube channel, apply for YouTube partnership program here. You tube will verify your channel.

3- Once your account has been approved, you can start uploading videos.

4- You have already verified for you tube partnership program, now you are partner and for get paid from YouTube videos, you need to monetize your videos.

5- After monetization, you will see the the ads start running on your videos, those ads are your source of earning via YouTube.

How much you can earn?

If YouTube sell the advertisement worth of  $100, the partner get $55.

How you can earn?

You need to make your video more popular, share your video among your friends and family and social media like, facebook, twitter, and tumblr etc. this way you will get more views. the more views increases the chance of more earning. See the example

You Know You Can Earn Money From Youtube Videos


You Know You Can Earn Money From Youtube Videos



Carefully ready YouTube partnership program privacy and policy. Do not go against the policy if you want to run your channel for long time and get paid.


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