Make your search result attractive in Google search engine

Of course if you required any help, related to anything you will go to Google and search for it, this is true If something come in your mind go to Google and get solution for your desired issue. If I say that the results which have anther’s image are eye catching then it will not be wrong. Because image give excellent attraction while you go for search anything and get result. See the image.

Similarly if you are a blogger or website owner, if you show your image with result, it will quiet effective and attractive. It is not a matter that you give your own image or give your company logo, both will give you excellent result when somebody search anything and get you in the list, it will boost your website traffic. I this tutorial I will guide you how you will do it? It very simple. Just follow the following steps:

Make your search result attractive in Google search engineHow to?

1- First you should have google+ account. if you do not have google plus account create it “Google Plus”

2- Copy the following script and past into your widget area where you want to display  “Google+” option like “join me on google +”. Just enter your “google plus profile id

Make your search result attractive in Google search engine

3- Third and final step, go to your google plus account, go to “edit profile” and add your website link into “contributor.” It will take some time a day or two for this implementation.

Enjoy your image in Google search result.




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