Microsoft Outlook – How to take backup of your emails?

This is a best feature of Microsoft Outlook among many features, take backup of email data in a single file and restore it:

Sometime we need to re install window or Microsoft office for this reason we should know how we back up our emails.

Step by Step Backup.

  1. Microsoft outlook stores emails in a single file called .pst  (personal storage table).
  2. In windows 7 Location of your email data file “C:\Users\Specific User\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook”
  3. Go to the above location and copy the *.pst file and paste into any other location.
  4. You have taken a backup of your emails.
  5. You may re install your operating system or do for what you need emails backup.

Step by Step Restore:

Similarly install Microsoft outlook

  1. Open Microsoft outlook configure it, you will see your inbox empty, close Microsoft outlook.
  2. Copy *.pst file where you copied
  3. Paste into the same location “C:\Users\Specific User\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook”
  4. Open Microsoft outlook you will see your old emails.
  5. You have successfully restore your emails.

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