Move Entire WordPress site to another hosting service

If you are trying to move WordPress site from one server to another server then  It is a right place for you to move your site in few steps securely. Before going to the main topic, first we discuss in what cases we need to move entire WordPress site. If your hosting server is not responding  or you are facing errors from existing server or your server is very slow etc. You have already created your website with problematic server and now you are not happy with your hosting server. Normally its happen with new bloggers, they starts blogging and do not care about hosting server and perhaps they do not know enough technical knowledge. But no problem you may move your blog or website at any point of time.

If you are interested you can from one of them, these are the best hosting service provider. If you are using wordpress you should go for bluehost.

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Move Entire WordPress site to another hosting service

It is very simple and quiet easy method, as WordPress user knows about that WordPress facilitate user to make their work easy. Similarly you can move your entire wordpress site in few very easy steps. All you need to do is to install a “duplicator” plugin. This plugin is very powerful and easy to use. It will create your whole website backup for security reason. So start installing this plugin, after installing duplicator plugin,


Move Entire WordPress site to another hosting service

you will see duplicator option in your left side menu in WordPress. Just go there and select package and create new.

Move Entire WordPress site to another hosting service

In this page you will see 3 TAB. Setup, Scan and Built. Click the next button on bottom right. It will start to create new package. First duplicator will scan you whole WordPress website. The scanning process will take some time for scanning, do not change your screen, stay there on the same screen.  Once scan is complete click next button to proceed further. Before going to further, you need to be clarify that duplicator has created two files: 1- Installer 2- archive files. After finishing this step you will see the setup TAB, do not change anything there. After scanning, it will give result page. Click “Built button on bottom. The process will start, it will create the files, once the process will complete you will see two download option. One is for installer and second is for archive file. Download both files in your computer harddisk. You have taken a complete backup of your whole website, These files will be used for transferring your site by using this plugin (duplicator). Duplicator has created a zip file of your whole website. Now upload both files into your new location where you want to move your whole site. Run installer from your new server location. For example your new server location is ( Write It will show you the restore page, here you will restore your website, which you have already taken using duplicator. As you will start installer It will give you result that the requirement has completed or not. It you get any error on this page then check again the archive file is downloaded properly or not. Select the option from radio button “Connect and remove  all data”. You should have already installed wordpress if not then install wordpress first. Then enter your existing host name, database name, user name and password. Click on “Test Connection” to test first connection is ok or not. Click the check box “ have read all warnings & notices” and click on “Run Development” button. Finally on next page click on update button. You all have done. Now check your website in browser.

Download duplicator plug in

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