How to Protect Blog / Website from Spam Comments

I have designed and developed my blog for sharing my knowledge to others. I found this way to share my knowledge and explore more my self.  But I was wondering when I received 1st comment and in few days receiving bulk of comments daily. This was the story of one of my subscriber. After few day he saw the comments are unnecessary or irrelevant. It happens, if you need relevant traffic and want genuine user so you have to stop spam comment. you will be free from spam comment and free from  marking spam daily. Some people use captcha technique but I recommend a plugin where you don;t need any configuration and no need captcha technique. So all you need to do install a plugin name “stop spam comments“. This is best and free plugin which you can use it for your blog.

How to: 

1- Log in into you WordPress admin and select plugin option from your left side menu.

2- Search this plugin from search bar “Stop spam comments”. after that install this plugin and activate it.

3- That’s all! you have done now you are free from spam comments. Isn’t it cool and easy to install.

How to Protect Blog / Website from Spam Comments

These are the three steps you need to follow only. there is no any detailed configuration.The plugin is invisible by design. But once you activate it, hopefully you will have no more comments by spambots. Dead simple and super light weight anti-spambot plugin. No captcha, tricky questions or any other user interaction required at all.



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