5 Most Important Tips to Protect your WordPress Blog / Website

The following 5 most important tips to protect your WordPress blog / website. Among all other precautions to save your blog / website, these are very important to protect your blog / website. If you follow these, your blog / website save from hackers. The common terminologies are the basic tool of hacker, you can get an idea about hackers philosophy.

1- User name and Password:

WordPress admin user name very different and try to choose unique. for example make you user name very different which is not commonly use in internet, such as the commonly names are admin, administrator, webmaster etc. so it is your choice what name you choose and how to make it very different.

Make your admin password very strong. use special characters in your password for example #, @, $, % etc. Use at least 2 capital letters in your password, one letter can be starting letter and another can be in between.

2- Admin ID:

When you install WordPress simultaneously WordPress create a database, go to the database and locate “wp-user” table and change the admin Id from “1” to any other number like “2, 3, 4”.

3- WordPress Table prefix

By default WordPress create table name’s prefix “wp” such as “wp-user”. Change all prefixes with any other prefix, the prefix should be 3 or two character. You need to set prefix during the WordPress software installation. If you have already installed then go for the this tutorial. (How to protect your Blog / Website from Hackers?)

4- Back up.

Make your whole WordPress backup on schedule. Like set weekly backup or in 15 days. it is better to take weekly backup. See how to take backup of your WordPress blog / website.

5-  .htacess and config.php file.

Keep your .httacess and config.php file read only.Go to your hosting control panel and then file manager. Go to wp folder and locate  both files. Write click on it and select change permission. Make 444, which is read only.

5 Most Important Tips to Protect your WordPress Blog / Website

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