Redirect Page-Post in WordPress

In some cases you requires to redirect page / post to another page / post. For example you have created a “X” and you want if someone click on x, which will redirect to “Y”.  Why you need to redirect page or post you can find out yourself. I give you one example. If you have two websites and you want give link on menu of the other website / blog.  In WordPress default you are not be able to redirect one page to another page. By default, you can only do one thing in redirection case. You have to create a page and insert links on the body of the page. When your visitor will come on this page and find the link one the page, and click on the link to go to the desired page. but you don’t want this.

Redirect Page / Post in WordPress

You want your visitor to go directly to the desired page when visitor click on the page link. For this Just install a plugin “Quick Page Post Redirect”. After installation activate it. How to install plugin see here. Or you can also download “Quick Pot Page / Redirect“.

Create a page and scroll down, and configure it.

Redirect Page-Post in WordPress


Check on both 1- “Make Redirect Active” and 2- “Add rel=\”nofollow\” to redirect link”.

Enter your URL where to redirect this page.

Type of redirect 301 Permanent if you want it, otherwise 302 for temporary.  The default value is 302 temporary.


Redirect Page-Post in WordPress

Also you can create multiple redirection from (“Redirect option” —- “Quick Redirect”).

Redirect Page-Post in WordPress


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