Remove Popups Ads in Google Chrome

This is very irritating that when you are working some important work and someone comes to you and discuss on unnecessary topic or say some irrelevant words and divert your attention. What you will feel? Your boss is waiting for you to come and give some feedback or report but someone is not allowing you to concentrate on you work. This is very much similar with that if you are working on internet and surfing some internet sites or looking your email inbox and on internet browser hides content by ads what you are reading. This is very much disturbing situation.

Why ads showing into your browser.

These are the software which has been installed in your computer, normally these software you uninstall from control panel, but sometime you are not be able to see that where the software is installed. These software automatically install. These ads software are recommended by some video editor software, audio software or media software. When you install these software ads software automatically install in your computer. Later when you browse website these software popup ads, coupon, promotions and etc onto your browsers screen, these ads cover your screen from footer and header sometime time you trying to click on site what you have browsed, the click goes to the ad. If you already done method I & II and still facing problem then go method III.

This is not actually a virus some people thinks that this is a virus. These software are used as advertising and marketing tool. They get paid for displaying ads and promotions. But it seem like a virus in sense that you did not allowed them to show ads on your browser’s screen, and also you gave permission to install this ads software unintentionally. Viruses can harm the hardware and software but  it will not harm your hardware and software.

Remove popup ads in Google Chrome:

There are multiple ways to remove ads and pop ups from browser screen.  Lets talk about that how to remove popups ads in Google chrome.

Google Chrome:

Method I

1- Click on the iconRemove Popups Ads in Google Chrome on top right corner, choose tools and extension.

2- Write “Ad block” in search bar, you find multiple ad blockers.

3- Find “Ad Block” in this list, This ad block is recommended. Click on it to install this extension.

Method II

1- Click on icon on top right corner, choose setting.

2- Scroll down and click on “Show Hidden Setting”

3-  Scroll down more, you will see at bottom of this page ” Resent Browser setting”, click on it.

4- Next popup will come to proceed to next step. Click on “reset” button.

5- This process will restore original default setting.

Remove Popups Ads in Google Chrome

Method III

1- Download a software to clear your browser from malware or popup ads.

2- Click here to download “adwcleaner”

3- This software will uninstall hidden software which are the showing popup ads on chrome, firefox or internet explorer.

4- This is a .exe file after download it, double click on it and follow the instruction.

5- First it will scan your pc for malware and unwanted software, after the scan complete click on clean button. It will restart your pc and after restart you will the effect.

Remove Popups Ads in Google Chrome

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