Start Your Business Online On WordPress

Few years back, my friends ask a question and I hared this question indirectly from many other people that how to earn money from internet. I am not talking about 70’s or 80’s. It is about late 90’s. In late 90’s I was searching too, the method of internet earning. From year 2000, many people starts learning about internet earning. I got one website which providing service of affiliate opportunity. They offer affiliate program through this you can get commission. At that time I was student and read the website and pass it away. but this is true, by affiliate earning you can get good income. Therefore you can find many ways to earn money through internet. Today which I am talking about is one of them. Free Classified website. You have already heard that what are free classified ads websites. The free classified ads website are those website where anyone can place his / her ad for free.   The big question raised in mind that how any non technical person who do not know about computer programming can develop this type of website. the answer is, there is no need to develop and no any technical knowledge for this.  You can start this classified business without any technical knowledge.

Start Your Business Online On WordPress:

Free Classified Website

There are few steps you need to follow.

1- First you buy any domain what you like. Means give the best and attractive name to your website, like

2- Buy good hosting plan, where you will host your whole website.

3- After getting domain and hosting next you need to install WordPress. If you feel any problem in WordPress installation you may read easy installation guide.

4- After WordPress installation, go to Buy a best and affordable WordPress theme. This is a complete software which is not only a theme but also complete software wit excellent features. Which allow you to easily configure your website according to your requirement. here are some features:

  1. Fully customize-able front page.
  2. Custom fields and forms
  3. Membership package
  4. Advance search
  5. Customer Ad Management
  6. Apps theme API
  7. Responsive Design
  8. Multiple pricing models
  9. Social Network log-in.
  10. Ad listing visitors status.

How Can You Earn Money From Classified Website.

There are multiple way to earn money from classifies ads.

1- You can earn through paid members.

Start Your Business Online On WordPress

2- You can earn through you direct advertiser.

3- You can earn through Google ad-sense.

4- You can earn through any other trust-able site similar to Google ad-sense like info link.

Once you have started this classified site and gather traffic on it, then you can apply any one of the above method of all methods too. it depend on your choice. Go to appthemes and buy now

Start Your Business Online On WordPress

Job Portal

Similarly, you can open your own job portal. Where you can place jobs and allow candidate to search appropriate job related to them. For this the same things you need to do. follow step number 1 to 3 for step number 4, go buy affordable job portal, it is also a easy to install and easy to configure according to your requirement. some features are as follows:

Start Your Business Online On WordPress

  1. Job seekers and Employers
  2. Custom Job Types
  3. Resume database
  4. Responsive design
  5. Feeds from Indeed and more.
  6. Easy Customize-able admin panel.
  7. Customize-able design, color and layout etc.

How Can You Earn From Job portal.

  1. You can earn through paid membership
  2. You can earn by placing direct advertisers ads.
  3. You can earn through Google ad-sense.

Therefore, enjoy your own internet business, forget about your boss instructions and be your own boss.

Start Your Business Online On WordPress

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