How to Transfer WordPress Theme?

If you required to shift or transfer theme from one hosting to another hosting, how you can do it? In title I wrote that How transfer WordPress theme? It means that if you are working on a website, which is successfully running on internet , but you want to transfer whole running website to another server without interrupting existing website / blog which is successfully running. The reason can be, your hosting service provider are not giving good service, your existing hosting space is very low, you are changing your domain name etc. So, In this tutorial I will tell you how you transfer / move / shift your existing theme to another hosting. Lets see, how to transfer WordPress theme?:

How to Transfer WordPress Theme?

First take backup of your all hosting files into your desktop, which you are having in your hosting server. This activity is just for security reason.

How To Transfer WordPress theme?

Now go to PhpMyAdmin from you hosting panel, choose your “WP” database and click “export” button to take backup of “WP” database.

How to Transfer WordPress Theme?


Go to your hosting panel from where you want to transfer the theme and choose file manager and locate “WP” folder, this is main folder of WordPress. When you install WordPress, it makes default folder name “WP” or you can give name your own. After locating “WP” folder go to this location, (wp–>wp-content–>themes) download your theme into your desktop from this location by filezilla or any FTP software. I recommend Filezilla.

Go to location (wp–>wp-content) and download plugin and upload folder into your desktop.

Now, You need to log in into your another hosting server, where you want to transfer the theme. After log in go same location (wp–>wp-content–>themes) to upload your theme which you have downloaded, similarly upload plugin and upload folders to same location (wp–>wp-content).

Your theme has been successfully transferred. now you ca log in into your WordPress and go to “appearance — >theme” from the left menu, you will see the new theme which you have uploaded, just activate this theme.

Go to plug in option and locate your all previous theme’s plugins, also you need to just activate your plugin.

Keep remember, If your images has not been transferred then you need to upload all images again from “media” button in WordPress. Now you can configure it as your previous theme is.

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