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Today’s topic is very tricky, first I tell you what happen to me for which I apply this tricky method. I was sitting in my office, I received a  email from unknown sender that your website is hacked, I was shocked and very next moment I opened my browser and check. It was working. Suddenly I thought It can be true or may be someone tried to hacked my company’s  website. I was thinking that what should I do? The next moment I planned to install another WordPress and transfer all my stuff related to this website into new WordPress, If I got any threat or any problem with this website then I can live the other same website for sometime. This website is developed on WordPress.

There are few precautions you must apply to your WordPress blog or website. you can see in next article about the prevention of WordPress blog / website. So, in today’s topic I will guide you how to tricky transfer WordPress blog / website which is already live.  There are some reasons for which you apply this trick, such you have threat for hacking and when you update your WordPress software into new version it can effect to your blog / website. If you have created child theme then it won’t be effected.

How to:

  1. First you have to take backup of your whole WordPress folder and database for security purpose. Suppose your WordPress folder nam is “wp”, use any FTP software and copy this folder into your computer. I recommend Filezilla.
  2. Install another WordPress software into your hosting with different database and different folder. Like “wp2” or what you like.
  3. Upload your theme which you are using currently into old WordPress and activate it.
  4. Create a child theme of your new uploaded theme. How to create a child theme get here.
  5. Now go to your hosting panel and locate folder (wp/wp-content/plugin) of old WordPress software. Now, you are in plugin folder, copy all plugins folders into new plugins folder, for example (wp/wp-content/plugins) to (wp2/wp-content/plugins)
  6. Now log in into your WordPress admin you will see the plugins waiting for activation, activate it.
  7. Now, open browser and write “”, you will see the another copy of your website or blog is ready to run.




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