Why Google adsense account not verifying

Google adsense account is the online earning system which is very authentic and systematic. Some people do not care about it. They create Google adsense account and think about to quickly make money online through adsense. This very true that you can earn money via Google adsense, but need some carefulness. Some people are waiting for PIN for adsense account verification, but they don’t get, many people are still not succeeded. Just because of some carelessness. Why Google adsense account not verifying? There are some important point which need to be clear to every adsense publisher who are waiting for their adsence account’s verification. They did not received PIN number yet.

Check your Payee name is full and correct. This name will be use for payment purpose. Either you receive via bank transfer or western union or check. This name must be same as on your personal Identity card or Passport or and any government related document. I seen some people who having their name on personal Identity card is different and they are using different name in adsense account. like little difference in first name or in last name. Also when your are requesting PIN number for verification, Google will send the PIN number by normal mail (Postal mail) on the same name which you have mention in adsense account. What happen, if by any reason you did not receive PIN number, then you can send request again 2 more times. Means total 3 times you can send normal request for PIN number. It can be happen that you do not received PIN after all 3 request. then What? Then there is another method for get PIN number from Google. In this method you have to submit your personal Identity Card or any other government document to verify your adsense account.

 Why Google adsense account not verifying?

There are few reason that you are not receiving PIN number.

1- Your payment is on hold. Google will send PIN number when your earning reaches to minimum $10. I your earning is not reaches to $10 then wait for it. See the payment threshold in different currencies.

Payment threshold in different currencies

2- Time Delay: Google send PIN number by normal mail (postal mail). It is depends on country wise services. sometime it reaches late, normally it takes 4 week to reach PIN number.

3- Address: your payment address is not correct may be you have written incorrect, make sure again that the address is correct.

If you have already requested 3 time and you want your PIN, then go the this link (Request for PIN) and fill up the form,  submit it. Wait few days, Google send you email confirm you about the verification. You will be verified adsense account if you follow the instruction with patient.

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