Writing Arabic and Urdu in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe photo shop is a graphic designing software. Which helps to edit images, create banners, visiting cards and so many things related to graphics. Also it is most important for website development. It is the part of website development. Therefore, if you are a graphics designer or website developer in both professions you need to be familiar with graphic software where you can edit your image or design your image yourself. Adobe Photoshop is most powerful software for graphic designing . You can paste image into adobe Photoshop which is in your mind. Mostly graphics designers prefer Adobe Photoshop for image editing and creating new image concept. In the world of adobe Photoshop the Adobe Photoshop team always took care of their user’s need. They launched multiple version gradually as per user’s need and make it more useful and poweful for users. In this article we will only talk about writing Arabic and Urdu in Adobe Photoshop or illustrator. Illustrator is an another awesome product of adobe. This technique can apply on both.

Writing Arabic and Urdu in Adobe Photoshop

Although writing Arabic and Urdu in Abode Photoshop is already considered by adobe team. They have launched a separate version for this purpose. Which is called ME version. ME stands for Middle east, means this version is specially launched for middle east region where native language is Arabic. They consider arabic language in adobe photoshop for this region. This Article is specially for middle east people. They use adobe product and compulsively they buy ME version. After reading this article you will know that how easy to writing Arabic and Urdu in Adobe Photoshop and you don’t need to buy expensive ME version.  One thing more I would like to clear I am using the name of language Urdu with Arabic because both languages have same alphabets with little difference.

Writing Arabic and Urdu in adobe Photoshop is very simple you all need to do is to download a software name “Inpage” you can search in Google with name of Inpage Urdu or Inpage Urdu writing. You will easily find the download link. Otherwise you can download from here: Inpage.

Link 1 : Inpage 2014

Link 2: inpage 2014.rar

After downloading this software install it into your desktop. Open Inpage and write your desired text in Arabic or Urdu and save it into PDF format. This software has its own extension also it allow to save document into PDF format. That PDF file you can easily open into adobe Photoshop or illustrator.

Writing Arabic and Urdu in adobe Photoshop’s technique is not only for Photoshop, this technique can also use in both software Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Those who need writing in Arabic and Urdu in Photoshop and those who use Adobe illustrator, this technique can use for both software which is tested.




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